As a boddunan registered member, you can earn points on many activities you do on boddunan. Every point you can make use in active contests/programs/offers that are available at any point of time. As and when you reach certain levels of points, your boddunan rank will also increases indicating your level of experience with the boddunan community. Various stages you can reach while earning points on boddunan are shown below:

Bronze Member 1000 Points
Silver Member 2500 points
Gold Member 10000 points
Platinum Member 25000 points

Here is the table gives you an idea about how you can earn points for various activities on boddunan.

Please refer to Points System on Boddunan

As an active boddunan community, we have special ranks for forums feature. It is shown as below:Please note that you cannot convert points to real money but you can use them to participate in programs to earn money. Boddunan Revenue Sharing program is one of such program.


If you are an active member on forums and your contribution is valuable to boddunan community, you can win a lot of prizes on forums. So be active and earn more.

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