Until very recently the human beings have suffered and died because of malaria. On account of this dreadful disease the loss to human life was enormous. But by the end of the second world, war, the menace of malaria also came to an end. It was the discovery of an insecticide called D.D.T.

Malaria is characterized by high fever. Apart fever, the patient also feels chill and headache. A lot of perspiration is also there. It leads to excessive weakness.

Malaria is spread by a particular type of mosquito known as anopheles. There is a type of germ called malarial parasite found in the body of anopheles which bites persons for blood. But in doing so, malaria parasites are transmitted to the body of the person from that of the mosquito and the person suffers from malarias. The infection leads to the serve anemia.


In order to prevent malaria, mosquitoes should be destroyed completely breeding places of mosquitoes such as ponds and other dirty places should be sprayed with D.D.T. the pits should be filled in before rainy season so that water may not collect there and mosquitoes are not in a position to lay their eggs.

The second way of preventing malaria can only be occasionally used. Two- tablets of Camoquine or Chlooquine should be taken every week. Mosquito net should be used every night. Mosquito repellent cream may also be applied all over the exposed parts of the body.


Malaria inspector

He give instructions about mosquitoes

Hook- worms

Hook- worms is a small worm which found in intestine. It attaches itself to the wall of intestine and sucks blood from it. The infection caused by a hook-worm leads to anemia. Sometimes, the anemia is very severe. The hook-worm can be seen in the stools but their presence is usually detected by finding their eggs in stools by microscope examination.


The prevention of worm infestation is through hygienic living. Through cleaning of hands with soap and water after toilet and before meals is necessary. In order to avoid the infection of hoof –worm, we should never move bare-footed because it enters into the body through the skin of the soles.




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