Planning for the Baby

Arrival of baby is a joy for all

A newly wedded couple will be very eager to have their first baby at home. Not only the couple, but the elders in the house will also be eagerly expecting the baby’s arrival. The arrival of the baby will create new relationship at home. The couple will suddenly be promoted as father and mother. Other relationships like grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle etc will be created or added. The entire home will be a place of joy and happiness, irrespective of its financial status.


Do not be afraid of pregnancy

Pregnancy is not something to be afraid of. It brings the joy of being catered to by other relatives and family friends. The lady who is pregnant will enjoy other people’s love, affection and respect much more than at any other point of time in her life. Therefore, this is a period which should be welcome by all. Modern medical care has ensured uncomplicated passage of the pregnancy period and smooth delivery of the child. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any pregnancy complications. Today, childbirth is far safer than in the days of our grandmother.

Signs of pregnancy

What are the signs of pregnancy? Of course the first indication will be missing of the monthly period. But this alone cannot be taken as an indication for pregnancy. Sometimes monthly period can set in late. Usually the cycle is once in 26 days. But sometimes it can extend to even 35 days. Therefore, do not come to premature conclusion just at the sight of missing your period. But if missing of the monthly period is accompanied by slight enlargement of the breasts and unusual joy in the mind, it could be a sure sign of pregnancy. In the morning, there will be a feeling of nausea and giddiness. Sometimes it can result in vomiting. At this stage, one needs to visit the family doctor to confirm pregnancy officially.

Blood group is very important

But do not get upset because of the morning sickness, giddiness and vomiting. These are all minor natural adjustments in the body, which nature is making for the baby to grow healthily. There is nothing to worry about this. It will pass off in a few days’ time. The doctor will conduct blood count and urinalysis tests for confirming pregnancy. The doctor will examine the lady’s heart and lung condition to examine her general health. Checking of the height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate will be the next thing the doctor will be doing. The blood group plays an important role in deciding about healthy delivery of the baby. The doctor will be especially interested to know whether the lady has a Rh positive or Rh negative blood group. It is better to consult your well known and well acquainted family doctor for this purpose. It will also be good if it is a lady doctor, because the lady can express her difficulties freely. But in unavoidable circumstances, a male doctor of integrity and experience can be selected. Once initial tests confirm pregnancy, it is advisable to meet the doctor once in a month to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. Do not neglect or avoid this monthly visit to your doctor. Not only your health, but your baby’s health is also involved in it.

Calcium intake ensures healthy bones and teeth

In every monthly visit, a good doctor will examine the urine to ensure that the lady’s kidneys are functioning well. The diet the lady takes is also very important. It should be a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Milk and other dairy products should be taken in plenty. They deliver calcium for the baby growing in the lady’s womb. The lady’s bones and teeth are also protected by the calcium intake. Milk should be boiled or pasteurized before consuming to kill all the germs that are harmful. If you do not like to take a particular dairy product, just leave it. There are plenty of items like buttermilk, curd, cottage cheese, powdered milk, condensed milk and other items. During pregnancy, dental decay is quite common. Calcium intake in the form of milk and dairy products will ensure that this does not happen. Only local anaesthesia should be used for any tooth extraction.

Iron is needed for pregnant women

Apart from calcium, the pregnant lady also needs iron. During pregnancy, anaemia is a commonly occurring health hazard. The baby also needs iron to store in its lever for future use. Food rich in iron are eggs, whole wheat, wheat germ, bran, oatmeal, barley, cereals, dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates, raisins, soy-beans, lentils, dried peas, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, lean meats and liver. If you do not like the taste of a few items mentioned above, ignore it. Eat what you like, because there are plenty of items to choose from and eat.

Iodine and vitamins are equally important

Apart from calcium and iron, the pregnant lady should also ensure sufficient intake of iodine in the diet. It is available in iodized salt (for vegetarians), sea foods and cod liver oil. Even vegetarians can take cod liver oil. Another important item not to be neglected is vitamins. They are important not only during pregnancy, but during the nursing period also. Usually, a well balanced diet involving all the above stated items will be sufficient for vitamin supply to your body. But for some reason, if any vitamin is lacking in supply to your body, the doctor will prescribe multivitamin tablets to take every day. But this should be done only on doctor’s advice and no independent decision should be taken.

Light exercises recommended

Can a pregnant lady do exercises? Yes, but only light exercises. Too hard exercises and prolonged exercises should be avoided. It is enough to do light house work. But lifting of heavy things like a bucket full of water should be avoided. Walking is harmless and will benefit the pregnant lady and her baby.

Even passive smoking should be avoided

During pregnancy, smoking should be avoided. Even a single puff from a single cigarette can increase the heart beat of the baby by as much as 25% which is harmful to the baby. Nicotine poison in the cigarette will enter the bloodstream of the lady and affect the baby. It is not enough to avoid smoking by oneself. It is equally important to avoid smokers nearby. Passive smoking is equally harmful to the baby as active smoking.

Even beer can damage lever and kidney

Alcohol can add strain to the pregnant lady’s kidneys and liver during pregnancy. Even light beer contains sufficient alcohol (4%) to affect the baby. What about having sex during pregnancy? Is it safe? The answer to this question depends on whether the lady is comfortable or uncomfortable during sex. During last few weeks of the pregnancy, it is not possible to have sex. But during the first few weeks, if the lady is comfortable, she can have it. Any pelvic infection should be cleared up without any delay.

Avoid tight dressing

Dress code is also equally important during pregnancy. A tight and uncomfortable clothing should be avoided. This will affect the blood circulation and strangulate the baby also. The clothes a pregnant lady wears should naturally hang from her shoulders. Tight bands around the waist or legs should be removed. High heeled shoes should be avoided. High heeled shoes can throw the pregnant lady off balance in the later months of pregnancy.

Do not neglect even small things

A pregnant lady can take her bathe as usual every day. Shower bath is good as water flows effortlessly from the top. But the lady should be careful inside the bath room and avoid slipping. Vomiting is quite common in the early stage of pregnancy, but in later stages it stops completely. At this time, if a lady is vomiting, it gives cause for concern and immediate medical treatment should be taken. It could be even a sign of food poisoning. There are some danger signs during pregnancy to watch. Swelling of the face, hands, feet, dizziness and spots before the eyes could be danger signals at the fag end of the pregnancy period. But if the lady immediately consults her doctor and follows medical prescription, then there is nothing to worry. Do not neglect even small unusual things that happen to your body or mind. Report it to your family members and consult your doctor. This is the best way to ensure successful and easy delivery of the baby without any complications.

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