Indian philosophy advocates the presence of two elements in our universe. One is Akasha and the other one is Prana. Akasha is so small that it is almost impossible to sense it. It is believed to be a noticeable feature existing since very early time. It is believed to occur in five basic elements which are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Our body is known to be made of these five elements. Prana is known as a force which is inevitably essential for the existence of life and without which life would not exist. It is the one which is responsible for holding five elements together. Prana very well known as a vital force of the universe is superior to everything as it fills life in the body. It is the one who enables the mind to think and sense organs to perform their functions. We need to understand how important Prana is to us. We have to learn everything about it, its nature, its working, its purpose and the way by which it can be controlled.


The internal source of energy

Since Prana is not visible to the eyes and since its existence is difficult to prove, most of us do not believe in it. Eyes believe what it sees and everyone today needs proof to believe. Others who believe in its existence are not aware of how to use it. We though are in our conscious state but still live very unconsciously. We do not know what all elements are running and where and what all are regulating us and thus we keep on doing things and performing duties just the way we have performed till now. We feel it is our habit whereas we do not realize that it is not automated and can be changed or regulated. We have enormous number and amount of forces within us. We use them and we utilize energies without even knowing what we are doing with them and what they are meant to be done with. Like every other energy source present outside, we too have the energy source inside present inside us. The way we try to conserve energy outside so that we can use it in future and prevent wastage and exhaustion, we need to realize that we should conserve our inner energy too to avoid exhaustion.


Purpose of Prana

Prana or vital force if used to its best can not only bless us with good health but also enhance our intellect. The goodness of health and mind, as well as our well-being, are just a few changes which we see within us but ultimately it leads us to become illumined. It helps us to progress in the field of spirituality. It helps us rise above our lower cruel attitude and gain oneness with higher good self. Later, it helps us to realize our real identity as a soul. Once we know who we are, we will start seeing other people from a different perspective. We will start seeing them as pure souls and will not concentrate on their evilness. Finally, it will lead us to the path of salvation where we will unite our soul with Supreme Soul. This is the highest state in one's life and a person is known to be completely illumined in this state. One who achieves this state, no other achievements matter in his life. He becomes a superior conqueror, undefeated king and carries his glory and undefeated kingdom with him wherever he goes.


Ability to control Prana

Until and unless we use Prana to illumine ourselves completely, we will never reach our highest state. We find contentment and happiness in small materialistic comforts and achievements. We become satisfied for some duration when we reach our goals and then set new goals for future. We spend our whole life in doing this. We feel that setting goals and then reaching them is all a life is about and rarely concentrate on the purpose of our life. Once we unite our vital forces and learn to control them, we will introduce ourselves with real we. We need to learn to command Prana to the best of our ability. Forces, when not regulated, lose their importance. Once they are gathered up, stored, focused, completely concentrated and when fully controlled become meaningful. To do this, we need right knowledge about Prana and the willpower to utilize it to our best so that we can discover our wisdom and way of liberating ourselves from all those things which bound us. At present we are not in conscious state and ignorant. Prana will help us to come in an over-conscious state and open up all the possibilities which now cannot be seen by us because of our unconscious state as well as because of the ability to see things narrowly. We need to be able to see things in their finest print and this is only possible when we gain enough knowledge.


Moderation is a key factor

Moderation is a key which we have to use if we need to conserve our vital forces. If we feel that we can save our energy by doing nothing, then it is not true. It will fade away if left unused. If we use it excessively then within no time it will get exhausted, leaving us tired. Thus, we have to learn to balance out our usages. We need to make a right use of it. We need to prevent its excessive spillage. We have to cover up all those holes which are causing leakages so that we do not promote its wastage. We have to channelize its flow in the right amount and right direction and not just allow it to flow the way it wants. This kind of control over it will not only master us over it but give us supreme power and control to make use of it for our own benefit. We have to find a balance in our work. Overworking causes breakdown and doing no work fades away available energy.


Significance of Prana

Prana is essential for our existence. Without it, our existence is not possible. Our work, our activities, our thoughts, our performance all require Prana. It presents itself in every plane of our lives. One who is already untied by his higher self will make use of it for the achievement of higher purpose. But most of us are at our lower self, as we keep rising from it, our power too will keep increasing gradually and definitely. Prana is one energy. But it manifests itself in different planes and thus it appears different at each plane. When we do things in moderation on bodily levels, we will be blessed by good health. When we start using our thoughts and mind power in a controlled way then we show a balance on moderation. Prana so manifested in that plane will lead us to the path of soul consciousness and divinity. It will help us in illumination. It is same energy and same force which is essential and inevitable for the existence of life.



Moderation is essential in all walks of lives. Right balance should be practiced in all activities. We are the powerhouse. The power lies within us. All we need to do is concentrate our forces in the right direction. Prana will help us to hear the eternal sound and fills in our knowledge which satisfies our souls and also we will be able to hear sound from outside world and gain knowledge present over there. In this way, we along with reaching our goals can also attain the highest purpose in our lives and this is all possible because of moderation. We will be blessed with divinity and divine sight. Now unlike our past, we will neither live for ourselves and get exhausted for seeking happiness without proper understanding nor we will be going another way round of torturing ourselves. All we have to do is unite all the energy we have i.e., gather together all the forces of ours. This increases strength and power. This is because all forces being gathered together leads to concentration. The increase of concentration means an increase of power. More the power, more resistance can be offered. It is easy to break a stick into two. However, when a number of sticks together are tied into one bundle, their breakage seems a very difficult task to accomplish. Such is the power of being united. If mind thinks something and body do something else or else if sense organs interfere and try to master the whole scenario, then things do not work out the way we want them to be. Thus, all our forces should be gathered and should be united into one. This is possible through the power of meditation. Once done, resistance becomes easy. We will be then able to face no matter what arrives in front of us.

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