What is Alien?

Alien is the person from different world. We can call Alien as foreigner for earth. A foreigner come from another country, as well as alien come from another world. 

Welcome to the world of Aliens

More scientists are researching whether aliens are real or fake? some people may find this is very hard to believe, but some people might have answers to all of these questions. 

Some writers have proposed that Aliens have visited the earth to make the contact with humans. Aliens wanted to know the history of human beings. We may call Aliens as Super Beings. The statement about the aliens have been very popularized, particularly in the latter half of the 20th century. 

Unidentified flying object

What is UFO. It is Unidentified flying object used by the aliens for travelling. Scientists have seen a lot of unidentified flying objects. 

Aliens UFO

The scientist found some evidence regarding Aliens in 2012. Those evidence are Irrefutable. Some scientist are saying pyramids built by the aliens. Aliens using UFO for going and coming from their satellite to earth and likewise earth to satellite. 

Recent news about Aliens

Some scientist are predicts the new spaceships will arrive in November 2012. For researching about aliens one non profitable organisation is there. Name of the organization is search for extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). SETI is announed a major announcement. They have predicted 3 giant spaceship are heading toward earth.The first spaceship is 200 mileswide, and the remaining two are slightly smaller. They are now moving past Jupiter. john malley the lead extraterrestrial expert at SETi announced they should be on Earth by the fall of 2012. Already three giant sapceships are landed in china and Indonesia in November 2011. Their planet Gootan identified the Spaceships. 

Alien is not our citizen of the world. Redley scott took one film about Aliens in the year 1979.

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