There are many software development process and mostly we would have come across Water fall methods,Agile development process etc.,Earlier times the projects where developed and planned under the water fall method of approaches but nowadays agile software and common development approach takes the major popularity over the development processes.Agile type of development process was developed with the purpose of software industries since it totally covers the project managements and requirements.

So basically the agile development was popularly called as the AGS (Agile Software Development). By following the agile type of development process the time consuming has become very less and there will be a rapidity in the project development and one can expect the project to get over before the expected date of the Completed development.So the practice has become famous all over the world, since we know that water fall method follows level by level and approaches the client at the final stage of the project development.


But the agile software development process follows the similar type of completing stage by stage process but the difference is once the first stage gets completed it will be referred by the clients (A demo about the completed work will be given),so if there is any thing to be modified in the project, the client will give a change request over it and it can be easily finished at the earlier stage itself and the requirements will be clearly defined at the initial stage of the project itself.

This makes the accuracy and flexibility more independent and the time consumption will become automatically lesser than the expected.This type of project development was mostly welcomed by the quality testings since the maintenance will become easier.The Agile software development becomes more popular during the year 2001 and this approach was mostly practiced by large number of companies.

The Another Most Successful Method of Project Handling was the WaterFall Method.Most of us would have heard the word “Water Fall“,What means it?.In practical life we would have seen many water falls,the flow of water will be from top to bottom.Similarly in IT industries,the Water Fall method of approach has been undertaken to complete the projects at time and gather the respective requirements at correct times.In other words it can be defined as the development process which will flow steadily towards the down at most respective phases of design and analysis while maintaining the concepts that undergoes different methods of testing and maintainence.

Earlier times the water fall method was followed by the construction peoples to build their houses but later this was followed by the developers and programmers in their project to complete the project very successful.Another interesting thing was the hardware technologies use this kind of approach to implement the things in their systems.The water fall method was first developed by Mr.Winston during the year 1970,for this he had developed a similar working diagram through which the water fall method has been briefly explained:


To be succeed in the project one must execute properly from one stage through another stage upto the final stage.It would be better if the each stages contain respective reports so that it may help during the times of auditings.The approach should be planned once the project has been signed and dicussions about the water fall plan should be done frequently inorder to carry over the issues.

The approach was consider to be one of the most simplest and accurate, it has been followed by most of the peoples and the popularity got slowly faded off until there was a new approach called Agile development was introduced.But its been worthful in having the knowledge of water fall development since its been invited by most of the successful companies.






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