Recently I went for a girls day out and we were a bunch of friends who went to a friend’s birthday bash later in the evening and after the rocking party we sat occupying all the sofas and chairs in the living room of our friend’s. With cups of coffee in our hands we did what every gang of girls would have loved to do at that point. No points for guessing – GOSSIPING! Talked about every other girly thing and every other girl in the college and as it continues from one to another we moved on to the hottest topic among them – Guys! Most of the girls in the group had boyfriends or had had a boyfriend in the past. Some were confused and some sure about their relationships. One of my friends who had been single since a very long time said “I would be flattered if a guy proposes to me like Sharukh proposes to Rani Mukherjee in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. While my other friend dismissed the idea making weird faces that it would be so filmy and not natural.

Many guys wish that they knew what girls want, with Christmas around so here am I playing Santa to many of the guys out there who might be searching what are the ways girls like getting proposed in. So if you are a guy and you happen to like the girl in your life and want to propose to her I give you some ways to say the three magical words to her.

Before jumping on to the ideas it is important that you know your girl very well. Know her likes and dislikes. If you propose her in a filmy style she will like that only if she is a movie lover and loves drama in her life otherwise you may fall flat. Indian girls will hardly or never say yes to a guy on the very first meeting, so take some time to understand her and meet her before finally popping up the question. If your girl is the shy type she will never like to be proposed in public or maybe even before her or your friends. Do not embarrass her by proposing her in public. Propose a girl only when you think she feels comfortable when you are around.

Tips you must know-

  • Be yourself- Most of the girls would like you to have your own way. Something unique in your very own style. She would love to see some efforts, every girl loves to. Do not follow the filmy style mindlessly modify it according to your girl’s likes and dislikes. Be who you are and you will surely impress her.
  • Look straight into her eyes and be confident about what you say – yes you have to be confident enough to put forth the words to her. For this look straight into her eyes and say what you want to. The words will reach directly to her heart from the eyes.
  • At a romantic place – places like the Eifel Tower and Taj Mahal are symbols of love and you can very romantically use these as the venue when you propose to your girl. You can make the moment a memorable one by proposing at heritage places known for kindling romance since ages. It will add a romantic feel to your moment of confession.
  • Propose in public – you must have seen this in movies, a guy proposing to her girlfriend in front of a huge crowd or from top of the building or may be on his birthday party or maybe in front of your colleagues or classmates. But be careful and do this only when your girl likes public display of affection otherwise she may end up getting embarrassed by you.
  • Go down on the knees – one of the oldest ways of proposing a girl is by presenting what’s in your heart by going down on the knees before her. Go down on your knees, hold her hand, look straight into her eyes and say how you feel for her. Your girl will be flattered for sure by this gentleman in you.
  • The filmy way – The filmy ways should be tried only for the girls who are real movie lovers and wish that their lives could be like those shown in the movies. You have varied options to propose such a kind of girl. And if you know her favorite romantic movies you can try out the way the hero proposes to the heroine in her favorite flick and recreate the moment in real life for her, she is bound to love that.
  • Make a scrapbook or an album – try this only if you are good at art or craft. Make a scrapbook of the moments you have spent together or you can even try an album with short captions for each picture. Tell her how you love everything about her. Tell her the qualities that you like in her. Tell her that the moments you and she have spent together are very special to you. And at the last page tell her that you love her. She will love that you have put in so much efforts for her.
  • In presence of her or your family – adopt this method only when you are assured that she is the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. Do this only when you are pretty sure that the girl has the same feelings for you or I would say when you are very sure of acceptance otherwise a denial can be embarrassing for both.

So if you are in love and want to confess your feelings to your girl try the idea that best suits you. Make sure you put in some efforts to make her feel special. If love has started adding numerous colors to your life make a start for a happy bonding with your love and start by giving her a memorable moment when you propose to her. Make some extra efforts to know her more so that you are able to figure out what way she will be best impressed. If you are able to make her feel on the top of the world you are half way into winning her heart. Do not be nervous when you confess your feelings to her as is said Pyar Kiya toh Darna Kya!

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