200720092354The times have been changing and dating has a whole new perspective now. Youngsters tired of dating friends or friends of friends are moving on to  a new method that is gaining popularity among the young generation that is online dating. Dating someone in the virtual world might not seem a good idea to many while some may think of giving it a try for fun and trying out something they have not done previously. While you think if whether you can give it a try I give you some pros and cons of dating in the virtual world.

Pro: It is fun and I can give it a try once. Seems exciting to meet a person who in his profile picture looks dashing, he talks sensibly, we seem to share so many things and above all he seems to be interested in me.

Con: On the above it looks like fun but there are underlying uncertainties, lies, and unreal faces behind those picture perfect profiles on the internet. I will be not much happy if I expect my date to look exactly the way he does in his display picture but he doesn’t resemble an inch of the man I saw on the dating site. Or when he doesn’t talk exactly the way I had thought of. The unexpected can shatter you!

Pro: for one the profile picture can do all the talking. The guy will be impressed by the most photogenic picture a girl might have put after rejecting a hundred clicks (who cares!), the initial meeting where a girl has to do look her best can be done away with and alas! You can directly jump to dating.

Con: You don’t get what you see! This rule is applicable in many cases as far as online dating is considered. The profile picture that is one of the first things that attracts you to your date may have been taken years back when the guy’s hairline had not started receding or when he had not developed a belly that looks as if is a three months pregnant.

Pro: do not have time to go out? You can have a date sitting in your room with the laptop on. Online dating offers fun for those who do not have time to go out and meet people to find a date for them.

Con: There is a limited scope of feelings in the virtual world where everything comes through the screen. The feel of a face to face dating is different and unique in its own way.

Pro: good for those for whom meeting people and finding a date is a tough task. Like maybe for a divorcee, a new person in a new locality or maybe anyone who finds it difficult to socialize.

Con: Online dating cannot be as successful as real dating. It somewhere falls short in building stronger relationships. You may have browsed through a hundred profiles before deciding on your date and may have simultaneously other options in mind too.

Pro: the choice of options is wide and very wide. You can filter your choices according to region, looks, likes and dislikes. You have a myriad of potential dates in the virtual world.

Con: this can have a negative effect too. The more the options the more the greediness arises.

On meeting a person one may compare and think they have chosen the wrong date the other one had this quality. You may not be satisfied and may be diverted to others instantly. Thus an overload of choices can very much occur in the mind of the person. All help you may need to create an online dating profile

  • Include information that your friends have told you to be unique about you. ask your friends to tell you what was the quality that impressed them when they first met you.
  • Mention clearly what you expect of your date. Be realistic and honest.
  • What makes you stand out in the crowd? You may be dashing or beautiful, every other boy and girl describes himself or herself like this. Be distinctive and smart to define yourself.
  • Think about what your previous dates have always admired you for. Analyze your strong points and mention them on your profile.
  • Do have a display picture of your out up on your profile. People with profile pictures attract more dates than those with blank slots. Put a smiling face rather than the one in which you are making a pouty face, a duck face or say a funny face as they might not look the same to your potential dates. Have a recent picture of yours put up.
  • Do not simply use quotes or sayings of famous personalities instead make up some lines on your own. Your own words will have a lasting impact than a copied one.
  • Do not reveal confidential information about yourself on the dating site that can be harmful to you in the long run.
  • Do check before submitting your information on the profile because spelling and grammatical mistakes are a big turn off for many.

Ensure safety and be alert!

  • It is a good idea to talk to the person you met on a dating site before meeting him in person. A person’s way and mannerisms of talking and language speak a lot of him and may be helpful to you to decide whether you want to actually meet him or not?
  • Try to verify and be sure about the details of your online date before taking your relationship to the next level.
  • It is mostly advised to have a separate email id that you use to register on the online dating site.
  • It is advisable to not give your full address on the dating site. The world out there can be crazy at times. To prevent potential stalkers avoid sharing your complete address.
  • Do not talk about personal things, family and friends with your online date unless you develop a comfort level to the extent that you can rely on your date.

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