Meaning of love

Love is not only a feeling. It is more than a feeling. Feeling is a part of love but not a love. You may consider love as a choice. Getting love is not an easy task you have to do some hard work for love. Feeling is not with you all the time. At that time still love present between two individuals. This show that love is not depended totally on feeling.  Suppose that you chose someone special for your love then you have to make promises that you cannot take it as lightness in your life. You have to continue your love even in a difficult condition. This is a love. You are not allowed to leave your partner alone. If you think that meaning of love is only to take something then you are wrong. Love demands from both sides. If you take something then ready to give something too. Love is something that requires both. A relationship stands on both pillars. Love is to share all your difficulties and happiness with your partner and vice-versa. Try to give everything that other want from your side. The only demand for another is not a definition of love. My confession about love is not against the feeling but only having a feeling for another is not love. You cannot define love properly. In the modern era it becomes the thinking of every person that if there is no feeling then the existence of love is not possible. This is wrong. Love exists even when there is no feeling. Love someone is an awesome feeling. We have to respect it. As I said earlier it is not easy to implement love in an easy way. If there is only feeling in between two individuals then love is not very worthy and costly. 

True love deal with

 If you are caring someone this is a true love. According to the people from Greek. Love is of different type such as passion, Love for your family, affection in general form. Different people define love in a different way but it possesses a same trait that is caring for someone. If there is an attraction. This is known as true love. Attraction is a kind of bond that allows people to meet with each other. Without this attraction there is no relationship stands. It's just become an infatuation. 

  1. If you are attached to someone. This is true love.

    The most common examples of bond of attachment are between mother and their children. This type of love is for a longer duration of time.  

  2. When you commit something. This is true love. 

    When someone is dealing with true love then commitment is greater than monogamy. In any circumstances your loving partner always cares you. You must need to cheer your partner too. If you really committed to someone then even in a negative situation you may stand with your partner. You must keep belief on your partner. Suppose that your one friend makes comments on your partner that she does not talk much. At that time you reply is with your partner that she is strong and silent type girl. If you are a partner with less commitment then you may say that yes I too does not have a much more conversation with my partner. 

  3. You need to talk. If you talk someone then it is true love.  

    Talk with others is very important component of all kind of relationship. Suppose that you want to know someone then you have to talk with your partner about yourself. When you express yourself in front of another and vice-versa. This form a strong emotional bond. With the passes of time this bond becomes stronger and stronger. Both people come closer to each other. 

Love - Their Acceptance

If you are vulnerable and open to someone then it shows your true love for your partner. You cannot feel any kind of pain given by your partner if you really fall in true love with someone. It may reduce your pain.  

Why this happens? This is because of your unconditional love. You cannot feel any kind of hurt from your partner side. Habit of caring other is necessary in your true love. The actual meaning of love is to forgive others and forget the mistake committed by other end. It does not mean that you plan for a revenge from your partner. This is not a love. If you plan to do that then you must stop your feet. You still think of attack then you does not posses a true love. This all activities prove that you are not in true love. This is only a show from your side. Just take the example of Jesus Christ. For the well being of others he sacrifice their life. This is an Unconditional love.  This all sacrifice because of you. He prefers to die on the cross because you all sin free from this mistake. Just try to become like a Jesus Christ. It is impossible to do that but you can adopt some percentage of that in your life. He never asks anything from your side because this love is free from any condition. If any stage of your life you start to behave like a selfish person, Does not respect your partner. Still your partner wait for your return love. 

Why this happens? This all because Jesus love for you is free from any conditions. Suppose that if Jesus love is full of condition then it might not save us from going to "Hell". Try to follow a Jesus path in your life and show other still the meaning of love is same when we compare it to that era. 

Love is worthy - handle with care

For maintaining your love for the long term you have to be sincere with your love. Otherwise there is a chance of happening that thing which you are never thinking in your life. We have to preserve the precious gift of god and appreciate it in a right way. And always try to make our love happy. We should not only care about our love but also encourage others to preserve the precious gift called love. You have to keep one thing in mind if we do not care for love then love has no meaning. We have to go to any extent to make our love memorable. From this if we have to fight with someone then we never hesitate to do that thing. For some peoples their rules are greater than love and they sacrifice love in the sake of their rules and regulation. As your interaction increases your life gets the real meaning to live. Life is very precious and always try to devote your whole life to that person whom you love most. If we are self-confidence then we can easily maintain our relationship healthy. If we want to get our love then we have to keep the belief in yourself. Sometime we don't know how we confess our love to someone whom we love. And that time there is a chance to lose our love. At one stage your relationship is so strong that you don't need to prove your love anymore. Then you can say that you found your true love and no one stop you by telling the fact. Then, for making your relationship stronger you need to take extra care. You always be there to help your partner in need. Someone makes the lover for getting some gifts from them. But this is not true all the time. If someone does this kind of activities then that is not love. Suppose you are preserving your favorite things because those things provide you relief in tension. The same case is with the love you have to preserve it because you love always with you whether you are in good condition or bad condition. So you have to know how to take care of your love when love comes into your life. For maintaining a true love you have to spend time with your partner, give importance to them or if someone tries to buy love then you kick out from your life. Because in this world no one wants to sell his/her true love. Protect your love from any difficulties. Gives them hugs and kiss to maintain your love for life long. Always keep the best moment of your life in your heart and try to show these good things to your partner. 

Love - Free from age factor

Do you worry about the age gap found in your love? Then no need to take tension because there is no importance of age when you are in love. When you fall in love then you are blind and age doesn't keep any matter. Suppose you are in true love and if you get your partner for whole life then you feel yourself to be the luckiest person in the world. Any relation can be successful only when you keep trusting , faith and compromise in some matter with your partner. It is another thing that every person has a separate style of living. Age is essential when the matter comes from experience, achieving goals, maturity etc.. But in case of love it doesn't matter. If you think you are old then no one can do anything. As everyone knows that we want partner to spend our whole life because we can't spend our lives alone. Every person has their own taste and they want partner according to their taste. Some want caring, some want hot and sizzling etc. First of all you have to decide what you are searching in your partner. Then only try to make relation. You feel yourself to be lucky if you know how to make love. The age factor can't stop you loving your partner. If you have some doubt in your mind that age gap may create problems in your relationship. Then please remove that thought from your mind and heart. Love is not for you only when you are unable to understand your partner feeling, irresponsible towards your relationship and you doesn't feel the true love. For every successful personality there is a love which works like a tool which help him to gain success in life. First of all you have to know how to love. Love is a type of gift to human beings which doesn't demand anything from them they always try to give you life happiness, moral support etc. Love has no area and no age gap. You can't stop anyone to love you neither you stop yourself to love someone. It is very difficult to find true love and if you find your true love then never let him/her go. When you are in love then you are not thinking about your money, age, your name etc. But for making your love future bright you have to think about that issue. The age gap stops us to think freely in our relationship due to this society. It is common that every generation has their own track and trends. There may be nay problems and differences in your relationship. But it depends on you how you remove these errors from your life. Never take tension about your age always think about your love and your partner. In short, I tell you that concentrate on your true love because they always be there to assist you when you are in need.  

Love at first sight - Let's check it

Is it possible to believe in first sight love? Actually this question comes in the mind of almost every person including you also. There are a few reasons that helps you to check whether the one sight love is true or false.  

  1. Your body reaction

    When you see a girl and comes in your knees and and tell that you love her without knowing their name then this is called true attraction. The one look of that girl makes you mad and speechless and you are unable to control your heart. And then after you see that girl every were around you. Even in your dream also.  

  2. Instant enchantment

    May be women motion leaves lots of meaning for you. Just a cute smile of her force you to think that you are outside of this world and you are not able to accept that thing easily. You try to start your conversation with her but by seeing her you are not able to speak a single word and only see the face of that girl

  3. Your way of attraction

    May be she is not so beautiful but for you she is the most beautiful girl in the world and no one stop you see her face continuously. You have to improve your walking style, dressing style and your hair style to make yourself smart. These are the small thing but keeping these small things in your mind you are able to left your best impression on her.  

  4. Get change in your perceptual experience

    Might be you are confusing in accepting the first sight love. But you dreamed a girl always whose name is unknown to you. 

  5. Show some example that you like her

    May be that girl also think about you in the same manner but for knowing their view you have to give some hint to her. It may happen that she thinks about you always but she never dare to explain her feeling to you. If you and your lover have the same feeling toward each other then you can say that both of you are in true love with each other. 

Want love from your partner - Use these tips

Every man falls in fall with someone. When a man decides to express his love in front of his partner then he must feel something special. Connecting your all dreams and emotion with that love is not good. You have to think that today is going to happen something special in your life. Many boys fall in confessing their love in front of their partner. This is because they do not make any preparation for that event. Selection of place is not according to that girl. I hope that you cannot relate your love with any Bollywood love song. You are a brave boy. You can easily win your love.  Still you might face any problem. No problem just follows these five tips and win your love with ease and without any disappoint.   

1. In front of your lover make yourself a unique person as compare to others. She feels that you are a special guy among all that boy she meet in her past life. Look only special and unique is not only criteria. It cannot make you 100 % successful. Do something special that your partner really feel that you are a right guy for your partner. If she notices you as a simple boy then this relationship cannot move further. Every girl wants that their partner must be special as compared to other. If she found you as a simple boy as she meet earlier in her life. She rejects you. So find a way which makes you unique and special in the eyes of your partner. Don't matter the fact that are you looking unique in front of the world or not. The only fact is that you must be unique in the eyes of your loving partner. 

2. She must feel serene with you. This word serene really makes a large impact on your partner. Every girl wants such type of environment which looks serene. Try to provide such kind of serene environment to your partner. When you are going to meet your partner does not make her uncomfortable at all. Does not make any kind of force on your partner. Try to feel your partner that she is in a serene surrounding. It really makes a great impact on your partner mind. Whatever you do for your meeting but be sure that you must provide a feeling of comfortable surroundings with you. Make the place of meeting a real serene place that develops a feeling in your partner mind that she is in her home. 

3. Try to develop a conversion with your partner this is better for your long life relationship. Suppose that your partner knows you but this does not mean that you go there with some other people that she does not know about other people.  

4. You cannot make your meeting romantic if there is attraction but not passion. Make your partner feel that you have an attraction with passion. Suppose that you meet your partner at some place. Both feel attraction for each other. You both cannot have a feeling of passion. In that case your meeting cannot give you a lover. It's only a way to find some friend. Wanting a friendship with a girl is not enough. If you think more than a friend then you make your partner feel a passion surrounding around yourself. If you successful in that then she like to call you as a lover. Make your partner's belief that you are not only a friend for your partner but more than a friend. You are the guy to whom her feel safe and have a life full of love and satisfaction. If you are successful in that task of giving her a belief on you then you can easily win her heart and become a special man in her life.  

5. Always available for your partner. Give this belief to your partner that you are a man who is easily available for your partner in any situation.  When she talks with you make her satisfaction that you are present with your partner. Try to listen her word nicely and always respond when she ask something to you.  If you properly pay attention to your partner then this relationship must go for a longer duration of time. She feels comfortable with you and likes your attitude too.  If you know in what way a girl can be seduced then that girl must fall in your love.


Love is a gift from God and we have to preserve this gift for yourself and for our future generation. Need to understand the proper meaning of love. Always search true love. This love does not demand anything. It only knows to give you something. Never demand from your side. Love is an important part of our life handle our love with care. Many people fall in love in their first meeting. You have to judge this as a love or attraction. Love cannot get easily you have to prepare yourself before meeting your partner. 

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