Theaters Vs Latest Released Movies


Theatre. This is a place where people would just go to spend some time for enjoying and get some entertainment by watching movies.In the recent times, these movies and the film actors are getting a lot of craze and were treated as demigods. And what if their Latest Movie hits the theatre.

This is the condition presently experienced in Andhra Pradesh, from the Tollywood.The main reason is that there is a very huge feast for all the movie lovers. In a month, there are four movies being released to entertain in theatres. This might be a very good feast to the movie lovers, but it is of great problem and loss to the film technical persons. 




The main issue arises here. For the movie to run successfully, there needs THEATRES all around the state. 

Komaram Puli
Komaram Puli is the heavy budget movie released this 10-September-2010. This movie has great themes in it. This is the first movie for Allu Aravid as Producer after the great block blaster hit of MagaDheera,along with RameshIt is the first movie to show hero Pavan Kalyan as Police Officer. It is the first combination of A.R.Rahaman and Pavan Kalyan. With these heavy expectations on this movie, it has hit the theatres with great success. The review of this movie is very encouraging. As this is the first movie of this month, there is no problem for this movie to fetch for theatres. 



Robot is the latest movie in Shankar's direction, starring RajniKanth and Ishwarya Rai Bachan. This movie has been produced by Kalanithi Maran and Hansraj Saxena under Sun Pictures. As the music composed by A.R.Rahaman has already been proved to be a very good hit, the expectations has been increased much. This movie is expected to be released in third week of September, 24-September-2010. This is also heavy budget movie that has very heavy expectations all around the world as this movie is tipped to be a science fiction movie.Coming to the Tollywood, this movie has been bought by the Telugu publisher for about 27 Crores to Andhra Pradesh.To get back the invested amount, the publisher needs almost 800 theatres all around Andhra. But as there is a competitive and successful movie "Komaram Puli" already running in theatres, it would be very difficult for the publisher to get the theaters. It is a very great problem as "Rajni" has fans all over India. As Pavan Kalyan is a very hyped actor and had very good following in Andhra, it is very difficult to remove his successfully running movie from the theatres. 



Brundavanam is the first movie of Junior NTR after his super hit movie of "Adurs". It has very heavy expectations due to the very rare and new combination of Jr.NTR as hero and Vamsi, Dil Raju as directors. This movie is expected to hit theaters on 01-October-2010. As Jr. NTR is a very hyped upcoming actors and has very good expectations on this movie due to the special and interesting talks that has been circulated on this movie. The problem that is present is that, as Pavan's "Komaram Puli" and Rajni's "Robot" would be showing in theatres already. Due to this, there is a very great scarce of theatres for this movie. This movie has very heavy expectations already being present. Not only this, there is a problem to get back the collections for this movie. This movie needs at least three complete weeks to get back the collections, if no competitor present. As there is a very heavy competition of two heavy budget movies running in theaters by this time, this movie would have very dry days in the coming days to hit on theatres. 



Khaleja is the much hyped movie too. This is a very hit combination coming back again after "Athadu". Hero Mahesh Babu and Director "TriVikram Srinivas" has a very hit movie Athadu in 2005. They want to hit back with this hit pair. This movie is expecting to release its audio by 12-September-2010 and release the movie by second week of October. The main problem for this movie is that there would be absolutely no theatres free for running this movie due to the already present movies of Pavan's "Komaram Puli", Rajni's "Robot" and Jr.NTR's "Brundavanam". This is a very huge problem for this movie. The main solution that has been seen is to potpone the movie release by atleast one month. But this is not the easy solution as this postponement would give a great loss for the producer Ramesh. As this is the second movie of Ramesh, after "Komaram Puli", he cannot decide which movie to slip down. This is a very sentimental problem too. 



Hope to see these movies strike on theaters and experience the final result what the audience would give to these movies. The final decision to make the movie hit is left in the hands of the movie lovers and fans. Let us just enjoye all the four movies and see the final verdict of the Tollywood fans.

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