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Gold Boarder
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13 years ago
My entry for the caption writing contest is..

"Sharing is Caring"

Vijay U
Abid Areacode
685 10.2k 65.9k
13 years ago
Here is my entry.

"Even if a simple peanut share it with a kind mind"

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Atul P Barapatre
Gold Boarder
45 793 8.15k
13 years ago
"Share a Bit"
-Atul B
13 years ago
My Caption is :

Let's Work Together to Crack This NUT.
13 years ago

Reason: Posted Twice
Rajani K
145 7.14k 58.4k
13 years ago

" Even a hard nut can be cracked if done together with love and sharing"
Diamond Mate
341 4.1k 40.5k
13 years ago

"mi casa es su casa" it means "what is mine is yours"
Gold Boarder
29 493 2.73k
13 years ago
My caption:

Friends find
COMFORT in "What they Share"
Delight in "How they Care"
neetu jain
Diamond Mate
432 2.93k 23.4k
13 years ago
My caption is :

"Lets have 50 - 50 with love."
Chetana Hegde
Senior Boarder
27 169 1.86k
13 years ago
My Caption is :

"The Joy of Sharing : Sharing the things that you love is what makes friendship so precious"
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