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14 years ago
Hello All,
I am back with the next caption writing contest. Please give up your entries by Saturday midnight, The results will be announced on Sunday..Hope the rules are clear and all are set to go..So here is the image..

Hope the image is clear...

Here are the rules...

All the very Best Guys.. Lets see who will be the winner of this contest.
between_a_rock.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)

Aastha Gupta
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Rajani K
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14 years ago
Hello anyone there ??? Help me.....Echo :) :) :)
Sunny Singh
Diamond Mate
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14 years ago
Here i'm going to perform stunt..
14 years ago
my caption for this is.

Success for target is after risk so keep taking risk to get your target.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Platinum Mate
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14 years ago
If there is no other option, risk is the best option !!

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Platinum Mate
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14 years ago
Iam going to meditate here.Please don't disturb.
Platinum Mate
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14 years ago
People who believe and achieve the impossible are legends.
To infer the pic, the sheep believes that it will get through with the risk, and if it does get through its a legend)
Junior Boarder
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14 years ago
The safest place to hide from Humans...!!! :P
Lohit Seth
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14 years ago
Cheez...Take One Picture Of Me..Dare To Give Poz Like This..
Diamond Mate
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14 years ago
My Caption is:

Please save me from myself! just one second seems like eternity
Abid Areacode
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14 years ago
Here is my caption for the picture.

"Nothing is impossible if you have a will"

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