I had a friend that means, but the first friends were no longer in a big company

 From the time Edge Eclark used to work, friends were coyly type then somehow the company

 Grabbed the head manager and slowly got the project manager's chair from the clerk.

 Slowly that friend established his supremacy over all the staff of the company.

 He was very eloquent, even speaking over, everyone in the company was unhappy with him, but

 What to do in the same company used to bow down to a girl as a fresher

 (Fictitious name) worked, the girl was kind and selfish, our friend and she

 Somehow got in touch.

 Since the friend was empowered to give the position, the girl was directly transferred to the area manager

 Promoted to the post, the girl was very happy to get the post, her dreams too

 Grew up and meeting our friend, conversation and relationship also increased, friend

 Married but due to some of his antics his married life is not right

 It was going on and despite the status, he used to remain very sad, the girl hopes for him

 It was Kiran, the girl became well aware of this.

 After some time, the girl started building her own house. Project Manager

 Sir i.e. our friend financially cooperated a lot

 Own a house in the added company and what more do you need in a very short time


 Seema stopped focusing on her work because of the project manager

 If there was opposition in the company, then the project manager was forced to take the position

 Had to be removed  Seema complained about this to the direct head manager as well

 Also complained about the harassment being done by the project manager i.e. our friend,

 But that thing was not heard by Head because the relations were from both sides and

 No company could make fun of itself by falling into this situation !!

 Seema was fast, constantly complaining to the head, during this time our friend Seema

 Even after being removed from the post, he kept calling her continuously and physically and

 Mental threatening, Seema was clever. She noted all the things of a friend

 But there was no complaint other than the company.


 Having a Jagler project manager hand in hand with the company

 After Seema called our friend to a place, since the friend through our frequent phone calls

 Threatened the border, threatened, chased, scared girl till yesterday

 There was no harm in meeting with him, so he went alone to meet and Seema was already ready.

 Were looted and socialized by a lot of people making videos

 It went viral on the media.

 Seema was beating and abusing, which often does not speak by women but

 There was evidence that our friends knew very well, that is why they kept beating,

 And indirectly, after accepting his mistake, he got up and said, "Now this will not happen!"

 Overnight, he came in the limelight and a case was also registered against him.

 He was seen referring to them only.

 Well this story was from our friend but such stories were found everywhere, in every office

 Go, some are exposed and some are hidden, but they are assessed

 How do people  It is a matter of thinking who was wrong, who is right?

 Thinking about who the person was from their community and deciding the crime accordingly

 It was not wrong to prove it wrong.

 Whether we or you are a woman or a man, our caller comes without any fault

 If caught, will we tolerate it in front of it ???  No no ??

 Then why to defend who will do wrong, whether it is male or female

 Everything comes to the fore, there is no sound in the sticks of Bale, but good people

 Hekdi removes it here, whether we are our friends or you.

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