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Kalyani Nandurkar
Editor & Super Moderator
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12 years ago
Chemicals used in agriculture has lead to decrease in numbers of many species of birds and has brought them on the brink of extinction, most notably of vultures that are considered as nature's scavengers and control the population of many other species of smaller birds, thus maintaining the natural balance of ecosystem!

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Diamond Mate
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12 years ago
I agree with the views of the members,especially, very well explained by Kalyani.The adverse effects of chemicals are also responsible in tampering the texture of soil,normal growth of crops and it indirectly effects the human beings too...!
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12 years ago
Manure is more useful to agriculture than chemical.But due to lack of it fafmers are using chemacals as they have no pet animals ,they are using tractor to crop.
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12 years ago
The greenery pesticides can help us more it can be prepared by many plants.We can use the cow dung as a pesticide.

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Diamond Mate
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12 years ago
Due to intense use of chemicals in food . this posionous food has now started to change the Gene structure of humans.
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12 years ago
the medicine which is used for agriculture, if that is given in less doss it is a medicine if else if it is given in over doss then it is a poision to the agriculture

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