Our great Finance Minster is party to a Government that has allowed Vijay Mallaya, a big Corporate thief to run away, but he has thought of taxing the middle class, through a ridiculous proposal to tax the life long savings of the middle class, the EPF, to the tune of sixty percent of one's total corpus.  

Whatever might have been the compulsions, is not outright stupid and totally irresponsible to even think of such a step?  What will the people have, if at the end of their careers, and when they sometimes have to depend on their children for children for survival, in terms of savings, if they are taxed in this fashion?

Has the Finance Minster ever visited the home of any middle class person in India, and seen their suffering?  One hears that he has a business worth several hundreds of crores.  This is why he is not even bothered about the middle class.

Let us hope that he will be more humane in the years to come.  How should we make the great Finance Minster see logic and not come up with such stupid proposals in future?

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