"God's Protocol Of Unanimity"

I want to make you guys think, ' why the all species present on the mother earth have unanimity in life-Cycle phases? '

On Earth—the most precise calculation ever offered—with 6.5 million species found on land and 2.2 million dwelling in the ocean depths. Until now, the number of species on Earth was said to fall somewhere within the large range of 3 and 100 million. These are Underwater, Over the Land and some of them are Hybrid (Survive both underwater and over the land).

1.     Now put some attention on ‘Life Cycle Unanimity’, we all are ‘born’ on the earth to play our respective roles. It is quiet attracting fact that methods and process of birth are several depends upon nature of species. All come to birth then grownup, perform respective roles and go to mature grand age before death. “Our initial cycle is birth and cycle ends with death by all means.

2.      Reproduction- Cycle, We all sexually, asexually and through other processes produce a life behind. After a generation ends newer ones starts.

3.     Marriage Cycle, Human being have different cultures, Nations, Moral Values, Worship and god respectively. We have Unanimity that we worship the god by various ritual, We all have religion, we all have Nations, We all drink water, We all eat food, We all get married, We all take-in Oxygen.

“In my opinion we are under god’s surveillance.” “He is the one who programmed all of us very wisely so that our relevant existence may balance his world of species”.   




                                                                                                                                                         Shubham Limbachiya




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