???Limit your "Screen Time"???



When I was in school, my teacher??‍? thought me that there are three basic necessities of life viz. food?, water? & shelter?. Looking at the current scenario, I will not hesitate to add "smartphone?" to the list.


Smartphone? has changed the way we live. Technological advancements have made our life easy. With its colourful? touchscreen and apps, it allowed people to do the unthinkable.


Living in the present generation, we all almost spend a majority of time in front of a 5.5-inch retina display. And sure, it’s not all bad. However, using a mobile phone for a longer duration results in decreased eyesight? and can affect mental health?. On average, we spend about 4-5 hours of our day on our smartphone, which is about 20% of our day.


Now it is important to note that for certain persons, using smartphones is a must. Considering examples of student??‍? like me who spend hours watching online lectures ??‍?have no alternative than to use mobile. But again here I will suggest using zero power blu lenses to limit their effect on our health?.


Here are few tips to limit screen timewhich I suggest including some which I got from the internet?:

  1. Go to settings -> screen time. Now analysis your own screen time. Further, add a screen time limit to the most used app. (Honestly in my case it was 120 mins of average screen time for Asphalt 9???).
  2. Make less distraction home screen. Try moving all unnecessary or distracting apps off your home screen and to the 3rd or 4th one instead.?
  3. If you have a habit of scrolling through your Instagram feed before sleeping, it’s time to replace your phone with a book and grow a habit of reading before sleeping.?
  4. Switch to grayscale. As a result, this will remove all the beautiful colours? from your screen. Yeah, now I bet you to use the phone with these colours for hours.?
  5. You might be getting notifications of apps, which are literally just saying some version of "We miss you!". So just turn off notifications of some apps.✌
  6. If you feel like that in the coming hours, there are no important calls that are expected, then keep your phone out of sight. I give it to my mom.?
Again, Screen time isn’t all bad. But anything in excess is dangerous. One can also pick up a new hobby that doesn’t require much screen time. More importantly, you should be determined enough that you want to decrease it. If you are not determined about it, then no method will help you in any case.???
Thanks and regards,
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