Harman Walia
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4 years ago

Few days back it was all Chennai in the news for water scarcity and now the news is flowing about the floods in various parts of our country like Kerela, Mumbai Etc. Where on one hand in Chennai it was costing a lot to even have water to drink; on the other hand people are dying because of floods in Kerela and Mumbai  

Analysing the situation brings us to the conclusion that the primary cause of this situation is the loss we have done to the environment. The deforestation has led to surface run off leading to low ground water level and degraded soil quality! 

Second reason is the ‘taken for granted’ thinking that we have because we get water easily. If only it was available at the cost of petrol and dies we would have been saving every drop of it. 

The recent report of Niti Ayog has said that 21 states would come under severe drought in 2020. And that the ground water level is low. So it can be said that we still can do a lot to improve the water storage, consumption and minimise wastage as much as possible. 

By planting as and when we can and taking care of it. By not degrading the land and not dump wastes in water bodies. Putting up rain water harvesting structures and using only limited water without wasting it  

These small but important steps can improve every one’s living Standard and can make life easy. 

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usha manohar
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4 years ago

Good points...

I feel that linking of rivers would help in diverting water to drought hit areas. In Maharashtra , some areas are drought hit and some facing severe flood situations, it is the same in other states as well

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Suny Ag
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4 years ago

Let me put my point this way- while nothing against the TV channels but I have stopped taking them seriously. It's their business to report the matters and the fact is they speak about everything this is we who who have to decide what is more important and how to tackle with that. By the way this is not only Mumbai, and Chennai that suffer from water scarcity but more or less most part of the country is facing it and same is true about flood situation. At present at least 15 states of India are suffering from flood situation because the governments did not take proper step in water management. We have no proper rain water harvesting in place which works both ways, in preserving the water and manage rain water from overflowing during rainy season.  

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Thank you said by: anil, Kalyani Nandurkar
Harman Walia
Junior Boarder
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4 years ago

Realising the drastic situation there certainly is the need to re-evaluate the government policies. Though we are now shouting to preserve and conserve and use water sustainably, but actually we should start resolving this crisis by thinking ‘Why are we facing such a situation in the first place?’ 

This can actually help the government rethink the policies and try other strategies. 

Kalyani Nandurkar
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4 years ago

This kind of imbalance is seen everywhere through out the world, while some regions have too much rainfall leading to floods while adjoining regions remain dry. The main reason for this is massive deforestation done to make way for industry and residential complexes. As long as the population keeps growing alarmingly and people are habituated to too much consumerism, trees will keep falling and the forest cover will keep declining and no matter measures we put in place, this kind of situation will keep happening.

In Maharashtra, we have experienced massive flood situations in many districts where more than 4 lakh residents had to be evacuated and majority of those have still been unable to return to their homes even though it is 8 days now. What caused this disaster? Increasing population and huge demand for homes caused unscrupulous builders to get the designated flood line marks changed as per their convenience and built homes in flood line areas. Other factors such as blocking of natural streams, reducing riverbanks, excessive removal of sand, accumulated silt in dam reservoirs etc, a lot of things that could have reduced the enormity of situation.

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Platinum Mate
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4 years ago

In Telangana, under the KCR government probably, under GHMC power and authority, some areas where there is scarcely any ground water, there they are adopting rooftop rain water harvesting and rain water pits.

The condition seems to be that, it will be implemented in the rest of the city or state, when such dire situations occur in other places. Manikonda and one more place is currently being revived for water with the above techniques, just because there is literally very miniscule amount of water in the ground.

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