As perhaps the latest member of the Boddunan family, I am perhaps also its oldest, at the age of 60! But don't worry - having been associated with an organisation which is creating one of the biggest IT-enabled 'Business Process Reingineering' (BPR) led by IT-savvy youth for the last few years, and having a knack of enjoying the mood and language of the young members of this organisation, I hope to be able to communicate with you in your innovative modern style.

My special interest is academic easy-to-understand yet detailed articles and tutorials for college students and aspiring candidates for bank and other competitive examinations, B.Com, MBA (Finance, etc.). I have quite a few of them ready, and intend to make them available to you through my articles in Boddunan. My son and a few of his friends have done well in 'General Awareness' part of the competitive bank exams, especially on 'Banking' knowledge, based on these tutorials - they got through the written tests as well as Interviews of some of these exams recently.

Looking forward to exciting interactions with you. Bye
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